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We believe that everyone should have a simple working knowledge of First Aid

What would you do if someone you know were to have an accident or suffer a medical emergency?

What if you saw an accident or medical emergency on the road or at work? Would you be able to help?

MediTrain provides a comprehensive range of First Aid training courses from Basic Life Support (CPR) to Workplace First Aid, Childcare First Aid to Advanced Training for Health Care Professionals. We also provide Pre-Hospital Emergency Care courses and on site incident/accident assessment, prevention & debriefing services.

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What You Get With Us

  • Quality and up-to-date materials.
  • MediTrain Instructors that have real life experience from working in the emergency services field.
  • Practical experience on the manikins makes YOU feel competent and confident.
  • A guarantee that learning First Aid will be a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
  • A well presented first aid course that aims to take the fear out of a topic that can be daunting.
  • Accident prevention that applies in all aspects of life.

Join us at our office in Green Island or at one of our many public courses around Otago, Central Otago and Southland. We also offer onsite courses, let us know where and when and we are more than happy to make it work.

We offer Comprehensive Workplace First Aid courses in 1 day class time instead of 2, as well as refresher courses in 4 hours of class time . This is more cost effective for employers and can help to limit the information overload.

Our wide range of courses and the diverse background of our instructors allows us the freedom to adapt our training scenarios to be as contextual as possible. This means we can tailor the material and generate group discussions in the hope that the information will stick with you.

If you have specific requirements - contact us to discuss tailoring a course to meet your needs.

We are also accredited with the New Zealand Dental Assoc "NZDA"

Covid-19 Practices

Here's how Meditrain Otago is updating its classroom practices to keep your workers safe, and help reduce the community spread of COVID-19

As New Zealand continues to see confirmed cases of COVID-19, it is really important that we stay well-informed on the potential risks to you, our Customers, in sending your workers onto our sites.

Please read the below to understand how Meditrain Otago is ensuring its classrooms are as safe as possible.

Infection Control Policy

The objective of this policy is to maintain health and safety of staff, clients and community when face to face training is re introduced.


The office is to be cleaned before every course, after every course and after breaks. Areas to concentrate on during breaks would be the common areas. Door handles, bathroom, Kitchen and reception area. Cleaning is to be done with high grade medical cleaner. End of day cleaning is also to concentrate on chairs in the training room and clip boards are to no longer to be used. If client uses our pens they can take them home or throw them out at the end of the day.

Manikins are to remain shirtless for ease of cleaning. Cleaned before and after courses and wiped with V wipes between clients.


Staff are to wear gloves when handling any common equipment, for example paper work from clients. Unless the equipment is only used by the 3 office staff then gloves do not need to be used. Masks are available and can be used when clients are on the premises.

Clients must wear gloves when touching any of the manikins or equipment used for training. At the end of the course get them leave paper work on chair and put on gloves to collect it all.

Social Distancing

Class sizes will remain small to enable good social distancing. Limited to 10 people per course. Chairs to be moved further apart.

Sign erected outside of kitchen to ask for one person at a time only.

Instructor is to give a brief first thing in the morning of what is expected of clients. If someone is in the hall please wait till they are in the room before proceeding. And keep you distance from others to maintain safety.


All clients will fill out and sign a short survey before the course. If anyone answers yes to any of the questions they are to be rescheduled.

Course Numbers

Class sizes are to remain low until further notice. And the days there is a course limited office staff to be present to lower numbers within the building.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily and keep you informed of any new solutions we produce which help reduce the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

We thank you for your support in helping us carry out these practices.

Please reach out if you have any concerns about your upcoming training, or if there are any other measures we can take to assure your worker's safety.

The Meditrain Otago Team

Meet Our Team

Otago / Central Otago Instructors Manager

Julie Walker
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027 2767 292


Office Administration

Samara Scott
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First Aid Restocking & Supplies

Elvina Dennehy
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Data Entry

Layla Davis
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MediTrain Instructors

Julie Walker

Julie has had 15 years experience in the first aid industry and holds her New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Care, NZRC level 5, PHEC & outdoors first aid certificates. She has a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of first aid from teaching to everything you need to know about your workplaces first aid requirements.

Ian Richardson

Ian started with St John as a youth member which expanded to a 22 year involvement with St john.Currently Ian is Phec qualificatied, a certificate in adult training and certified IV train the trainer qualification. He has spent the last 15 years in a safety management role ( 8 part time - 7 full time).

Graham Sinclair

Graham was an operational paramedic and station manager with St John for many years. He holds advanced life support training qualifications and adult teaching qualifications. Graham has done extensive work with people with learning difficulties and language barriers for them to gain qualifications.

Danelza Eteuati

Danelza has had first-hand experience in first aid during her time living in Samoa, where she was the go-to person for all things in emergency first aid in the village she was living in and in the wider community. She also holds a BA in education and certificates in sports studies and youth community work. Danelza has a wide varity of experinces from swim coaching and gym instructing to working with probation services.

Nick Hooper

Nick was part of St John Youth for many years, competing in many youth competiotions. Then he prgressed to working on the ambulance as 2nd crew in a rural area. He is also a qualified electrician. This year Nick has gone back to study, focussing on health science pathway subjects.