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Course fees and payments

Course fee payments are due within 72 hours of booking (via internet banking) unless arranged otherwise.Payments can be made via online banking, cheque, cash or EFTPOS.  

Course fee payments for clients with approval to be invoiced  are due on the 20th of the following month. Overdue accounts may incur late payment fees. Any non-payment of accounts will be transferred to our collection agency for which the client will be responsible for all fees associated with this.

Recertification courses

To be eligible for a Workplace or Childcare Recertification course, a student must hold a Comprehensive Workplace First Aid, Childcare or Recertification certificate that is no older than 2 years and 3 months.

We need to take a copy of your previous certificate for verification before or on the course day. If the previous certificate is not provided by the course day, the student must provide it within 3 days of the course date.

Recertification certificates are not issued until the previous certificate has been sighted by a member of the MediTrain Otago staff.

If a student completes a Recertification course but does not provide us with their previous certificate within 3 days of the course date, or if the previous certificate is expired, they will be given the option to complete the Comprehensive Workplace First Aid or Childcare course within 30 days of the course date (subject to availability).


Students who are unable to attend their course should notify us as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the course start time.  A refund will be provided to individuals who notify us up to 48 hours before the start time of their course. Refunds will only be issued to the person or organisation that paid the course fee.
No refund will be issued to students who cancel within 48 hours of the course start time or fail to cancel at all. These students have the right to rebook for a course held within 30 days of the original course date (subject to availability).

Students who cancel within 48 hours of the course start time or fail to cancel at all and have not yet paid their course fee will be issued with an invoice for the course fee. the course fee has to be paid whether the student rebooks for a course held within 30 days of the original course date or not (bookings subject to availability). The invoice will be sent to the address (email or physical) supplied at the time of booking.

Group Bookings

Group Size

Unless otherwise arranged, the following minimum student numbers apply:

  • within Dunedin, 10
  • Out of Dunedin, 12

If less than the minimum number of people attend the course, the course fee is equivalent to the minimum number of people arranged at the time of booking.

Change of Group Course Dates

Group booking course dates can be changed provided we have received at least 7 days notice. Alternative dates are subject to availability.

Travel Surcharge for Group Bookings

A travel surcharge may apply to bookings outside Dunedin. 

Promotion voucher for organisations

By using any voucher you do not commit your organisation or the person using the voucher to continue using MediTrain Otago for future first aid training.

Vouchers must be presented before or at the beginning of the course.

Vouchers cannot be used after the expiry date.

Vouchers must be used by a person of the organisation, it is not transferable to anybody outside the organisation.

To redeem a voucher the course participant must identify the organisation he/she is working for.

The person usually organising First Aid training for the organisation must be aware that the course participant is using the voucher.

To receive the specified discount off a Recertification course the participant must be eligible to attend a Recertification course.